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Financing Features

Loan Origination– As our client we work with you to put together a suitable package that a lender can use to provide you funding you need to grow your business. Months other side knowing your business needs and your risk tolerance and your credit worthiness allows us to work on the other side to find lenders that are compatible with your needs and their lending capabilities.

Invoice  and Purchase Order Financing– if you have outstanding unfilled orders for your product or services and you need money to move forward we can help through invoice financing or purchase order financing.

Micro Loans– if you only need between $5000 and $50,000 for your business this would fall into the world of micro lending. These loans are somewhat easier to get but may carry higher interest terms depending on your credit worthiness and other factors.

Cash Flow Templates– Be able to pay for expenses, payroll and other things by managing your what money comes in and what money goes out of your place of business, that’s cash flow. We have cash flow templates you can use to keep your business on track.

P&L Templates– Profit and loss statements are extremely important to a small business when you want to know how you are doing month over month. They can provide you an annual picture of your business growth. Click here to find a template you can use.

Budgeting Templates– Budgeting isn’t just for your personal expenses, but it’s how you turn a profit by stay the course even when things look great. Find a template that works for you.

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