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Marketing Features

The,, and collectively known as the INFO.NET websites were built and designed to serve three purposes. 1) To give businesses a place to advertise their goods and services for very little money, in a place built exclusively for them 2) To give them a place to find those important resources and partners like business-centric non-profits, ethically endowed service organizations and other financial and business services organizations  dedicated to helping businesses grow. 3) To serve as a safe space to ask questions and get answers like how do I get certified, or why is cash flow so important to some small businesses. No question is wrong or ridiculed here because there are peers and experts available to help you every step of the way. Check out the sites that are the right the fit for your business by clicking one of these links,,,, 

The idea was and is to be that one place where both the tangible and intangible halves of business meet and co-mingle and blend to create the harmony all businesses seek.

Social Media Optimization– Your website and your business should be represented on the web, but today that also means you need to be present on social media sites that can help to drive traffic to your business. You need to have a marketing strategy that takes which sites and how your market yourself on these sites into consideration. We help you plan to put your best foot forward.

Email Marketing– Email marketing has become a huge part of how businesses prospect for new business. This form of marketing can take on many different looks, everything from a simple hello email to someone you met at networking function to planned email roll-outs to co-ordinate with other marketing pieces have in the pipeline, it all gets coordinated, evaluated and done.

High Octane Network– High Octane Network is all about mixing entertainment and business. HON is using the mediums of the new generation to bring a fresh prospective, bright ideas and new looks while bridging generations of people and businesses. With the combination of videos, podcasts, and social media HON has set out to inform, educate and laugh a lot up in here lol. Check us out by clicking here.

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